What is livetraffic.nz?

livetraffic.nz provides real-time and archived monitoring of Australia’s 302 live traffic cameras with 6.3 million snapshots and counting…

Goals of livetraffic.nz

  • [x] List all traffic cameras in New Zealand
  • [x] Show all traffic cameras in New Zealand on a Map
  • [x] Archive footage for historical viewing
  • [x] Build a jQuery timelapse player for viewing existing footage
  • [..] Generate a MP4 container for native video playback
  • [..] Switch to Mapbox from Google for all Map usage
  • [ ] Re-add public weather cameras
  • [ ] Re-add surf cameras

See our monthly announcement Post for more information on what tasks are planned.

[  ] In queue
[..] Happening
[x] Done!

This site is great! But…

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